otheranonymous asked: I bought a MagiCotton Compression tank from Underworks that I thought was similar to my old one (which worked great) but I didn't like this one that much. Regardless, if anyone is in need of a binder, it's a full length, black, size small. Message me if you want it or have any questions; it's free and I'll pay for shipping almost anywhere.

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New Binder for sale!

I ordered the wrong size and I need to sell this one before I can order another. It’s a black midlength velcro binder from Peecock Products, size XXL (chest size 36-40 inches). It seems like a good binder, but it’s just too small for me. I’m asking $40 plus shipping, but I would negotiate price. 

tic-tac-bergerac-deactivated201 asked: I'm in a situation similar to that expressed by another user earlier. My parents would Never let me buy a binder on my own, and I don't have paypal or anything like that. My only options right now are ace bandages (and I know that's unsafe) and compression bras. Does anyone have a binder in a size that fits a 34B chest that they can ship to Northern Virginia? Thank you so much.

HEY hey hey in the meantime, instead of going to the CVS/walgreens or whatever they have in Northern Virginia for an ace bandage, you went there for a wide back brace? same price, less danger. thnx.

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missnekomata asked: hello, i have a question.... i want to buy the "HIGH PERFORMANCE VELCRO SHORT BINDER" from "LESLOVEBOAT" i saw you have it, but i want to know.. to measure my chest i need to do it with bra or without bra??


without bra. 

xoxooxoxoxo zev

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Binders for Sale (4 of them)

Company: Peecock Products

Style: V-Neck Mid Length
Color: 1 Black, 1 White
Should fit chest size: 34-36 inches
Condition: Good. No stains. Still binds effectively.
Price: $20 each, includes shipping within Continental US

Style: V-Neck Mid Length
Color: 1 White
Should fit chest size: 37-39 inches
Condition: Good. No stains. Still binds effectively.
Price $20, includes shipping within Continental US

Style: Dry Tech Back Mid Length
Color: White
Should fit chest size: 34-36 inches
Condition: Good. No stains. Still binds effectively.

Price: $20, includes shipping within Continental US

Check www.peecockproducts.com to verify sizing. Serious inquiries only! I accept payment through PayPal.

Best way to contact me: smokebelly@gmail.com

Please repost.

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Anonymous asked: selling 2 binders, can y'all post a link to these? thanks. over at ripplebecomeswave tumblr url


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Two weeks ago i bought a SHO Les Lesbian Tomboy Chest Binder Undershirt Slim Fit Vest Top and it came into today this is the binder. it was hard to get on at first (i got a large i could most likely use an extra large i am gonna buy another actually.) but once it was on it was very comfortable. I believe im a 38 C possible 36. and sometimes I would have to get a D and i think this gets me pretty damn flat. i can also breathe pretty easily! and its not the gross material that underworks uses. i only had it on for about a half hour to try it on but i am going to wear it to school tomorrow and ill report back on long term wear. i recommend this for a guy with a C or lower chest size. It was only 12 dollars and i think its worth it. the sizes are funny, in underworks i am a medium and in this i think i should be an XL so check the sizes before getting!!!! 

funnyyoushouldsaythat asked: Hey there, I've got a black XL Binder from LesLoveBoat. I got it cheap but it doesn't fit so am happy to send to anyone in the UK who needs it for free, It's got the side buckles and is breathable. Message me for information yo.


Anonymous asked: hey, any tips on getting your boobs not to just be shoved upwards while you're wearing a binder?

just a little something i like to call the shift’n’wiggle.

i mean but actually i had a very ritualistic way of positioning my chest in a tri-top. different chests move differently, so experiment with layering- maybe a thin tank top or light sports bra underneath of the binder. try pushing your chest straight down in the binder, or down-and-out, or straight out, or up-and-out, different people swear by different positions. I kept my boobs pointing to 10:00 and 2:00 on the imaginary body clock. just like driving a car. but with binding.

wow some blogger i am.

Anonymous asked: Paypal anon here. Sorry for being anonymous- i'm just incredibly... suspicious? Not about the site but about some people I know in real life who follow me on tumblr. I can't get past the paypal part. It is ebay, just a reminder and it says paypal only so I don't really know if I'm doing something wrong or it just isn't possible. Thanks for all your help, by the way.

aight so people set up paypals to their ebay accounts so that they don’t have to give an internet site their credit card information. just the same as you. so here’s the thing, you can get a visa gift card at your local grocery store or pharmacy or whatever and pay cash with it, and then go on paypal and be like “use a credit card” and type in that entirely untraceable information and then whether you’re buying a binder or shipping a mountain lion to your deepest enemy it will be like literally untraceable and nobody will steal your identity or charge you with disturbing the peace and/or animal cruelty. cool? cool.